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Legendary 60s Garage Band - Richard and the Young Lions

RYL News - Full

Footage of Richard and the the Young Lions at the Underground Garage Festiva; has been unearthed

The Underground Garage Festival

Richard and the Young Lions | MySpace Music Videos


The Holy Grail for Richard and the Young Lions fan Has Been Found!!!

Footage of the band from a Sept 1966 episode of Swingin' Time with Robin Seymour (Detroit TV show) has been unearthed. Finally, we can see the band in their prime...and not bad quality considering it's 43 years old!

Our thanks to for making this video available for exclusive use on our website.


Richard and the Young Lions 1966 performance from James Hannon on Vimeo.


We have posted a "Remembering Alan Eric Rackin" page where his friends have posted their fond memories of Eric.

You can view it here


New Pictures

Added a picture of RYL's Twig, Steven Van Zandt, and legendary Rolling Stones Producer and SIRIUS DJ Andrew Loog Oldham at the Little Steven Underground Garage Show at Irving Plaza 9/21/06

Check out: RYL Celebrity Page


RYL Videos now on for ease of viewing!

Wow -- It's been quite a while since we updated the site... We're still waiting to announce when our CD is being released, but it is still going to happen soon!!

Our update for today is our gift to all you RYL fans out there!

We are starting to put all our videos on - So far we have seven of them up and are adding more daily, so go check them out - Most of them are done by our documentary maker/webmaster James Hannon, but there are some on our RYL playlist from others who have a video cover of one of our songs!

Check out our videos at: - RYL Videos

See you next update which will be hopefully soon!!!


Long awaited update to the site
-but not the big one --- Yet!

It's been a while since we updated the site... We have huge news coming, but we just can't share it yet... I know we've promised before, but hopefully in the next month or so, you'll be seeing some major announcements here...

Our update for today is still pretty cool tho...

Thanks to Denny Carleton who sent us an interview clip of Richard Tepp from Denny's radio show: The Cleveland Music Connection

Click here to go to our RYL Sounds page.

It is about 30 minutes long with Denny, Richard and Cleveland disc jockey Chris Quinn. It was great for us to hear Richard's voice and personality again in this clip...

If you like the interview, please check out Denny's website and his music at - theres some real gems in there if you like to hear good music and interviews!


Updates to the Sound & Video Pages!!

Some new sound and video files added!

Little Steven talking about the new RYL CD
on Little Steven's Audio Page.

Twig's radio acting debut
also on Little Steven's Audio Page.

The Halloween-A-Go-Go videos now on the Video page


Happy Holidays!

Just a quick note, that we have a new myspace band page up now!

Check out!

It's still a little new, but we have clips of some songs, and some pictures up..



If you are going to be anywhere near Anchorage, Alaska on December 11th at Noon, Out of Our Dens: The RYL Story will be screening at the Anchorage Int'l Film Festival!

Heres the specifics:
Sunday, December 11th at 12pm
Alaska Experience Theater
705 West 6th Avenue
Anchorage AK 99501
Official Screening Info

If you can't make it up to Alaska, you can always pick up a copy of the documentary at the official RYL Documentary store. It makes a great holiday present for those garage rockers on your list! ;)

And....Don't forget about joining our RYL Myspace group which is starting to gain some momentum!


Halloween-a-Go-Go Video now up!!!

Warning these files are between 8 and 25 meg files, so if you have a slow connection, you'll be on a while...

RYL & Bobby "Boris" Pickett doing Monster Mash

RYL doing "You Can Make It"

RYL doing "Open Up Your Door" -- fixed!

These are Quicktime files, so if it doesn't work, install the new version of Quicktime to get it to work...

Also, make your life easier, by hitting Right-click, then "Save file as" (or similar wording) so that you can have the file on your computer and don't have to download every time

E-mail me at with your results. Consider yourself my beta testers :)


RYL on MySpace!!

Ok, we made it into the 21st century and created a group on MySpace for Richard and the Young Lions family, friends and fans..

The link is at:

RYL's Webmaster James will be your host at the RYL Group.

The RYL Group just started today, so it may be quiet for a while, but feel free to help grow the group into a real active resource for everyone who cares about Richard and the Young Lions!!


Happy Halloween!!!

The pictures from last Friday's Halloween show are now up at Halloween A Go-Go Pictures

Richard and the Young Lions performed songs from their upcoming album, as well as some of their earlier hits -- And the crowd loved it!

Then to top things off, Bobby "Boris" Pickett came on-stage and performed his great Halloween hit "Monster Mash" -- and the crowd went nuts!

A spectacular evening!! We hope you enjoy the pictures!


Richard and the Young Lions Live -- SOLD OUT!
well, kinda

Tomorrow Night October 28th, Little Steven will be hosting his Halloween-a-Go-Go at the Hard Rock-Times Square.

And Richard and the Young Lions will be performing as special guests!!!!

The event is sold out, but hopefully we'll have pictures (and possibly video if we're lucky) up soon...

In the meantime, if anyone can snap a photo of the Hard Rock-Times Square marquee (with Richard and the Young Lions in lights) today, please e-mail it here - It will go up on our site next week with credit to you.

Thanks a bunch!!!


The Anchorage International Film Festival has accepted our documentary: Out of Our Dens: The RYL Story into it's festival coming up Dec 2nd thru 11th up in Anchorage, Alaska!

We are extremely happy and excited to be included in this festival and are grateful to all our friends, supporters, and fans everywhere...

-=Richard and the Young Lions

Don’t forget to vote for our good friends Muck and the Mires as Best Live Act at the Boston Music Awards! Vote here

They do a great version of RYL's "Open Up Your Door"!

See video of them playing with RYL's Twig & Mike here.

Just a quick note to let you know that the web address for our good friend and legendary NYC disc jockey - Pat St. John has changed.

His website is now

Note: Pat is also the narrator of our RYL Documentary:
"Out of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story


Cool news!

We just found an old WEAM radio commercial for a Richard and the Young Lions gig in Alexandria, VA back in October, 1966!! RYL performed alongside bands like the Chiffons and Bob Brady & the Concordes.

Hear the MP3 here!

Little bit of trivia here... This gig marked the first public appearance of Larry Smith as a Young Lion. If you have the RYL Documentary, one of the Extras on the DVD has Larry telling an amusing "wardrobe malfunction" incident that happened at this gig.

Also found this clip of Jack Armstrong playing "Open Up Your Door" in Cleveland... Listen for an advertisement for Otto's Grotto - a popular Cleveland club sometimes frequented by RYL members!

Hear that Mp3 here.

More sound clips can be found on our Sounds page


Happy Independence Day!

A new article in The Guardian has an interview with Little Steven Van Zandt where Steven mentions that seeing a Richard and the Young Lions concert was very instrumental in inspiring his recent Garage Rock activities!!

See the text of the article here...

Also added new pictures of Louie V backstage with the Yardbirds!

Check out all the pictures pages at: RYL Pictures

Check out the other press RYL has received at: RYL Reviews and Press


Added new pictures to the Rick Robinson Picture page!

Check out all the pictures pages at: RYL Pictures


Twig's Birthday Bash Pictures now online!

When Twig's girlfriend Linda throws a party, all the coolest people show up! Not only is World Famous Twig there, but so are all the rest of the Young Lions, Steven Van Zandt, Evan & Linda from Muck and the Mires, Shelly Riff, and NY Disc Jockey/producer Dan Neer!

Check out these pictures and more at: RYL Pictures


RYL's Louie V visits Graceland!

RYL lead guitarist Louie Vlahakes just got back from a trip to Nashville where he stopped by the old home of the King of Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley!

Check out his pictures at: RYL Pictures


New tribute story added to Remembrance page

Just added a touching story to the Richard Remembrance page from Richard's niece Katie Tepp.


Radio Premiere of "Lonely" from the NEW CD --- ONLINE!!

Sorry for the late update on this one, but its been a busy few weeks in RYL-land!

NJ's WFMU-FM radio was the first to play a song from the NEW Richard and the Young Lions CD... It was during a January 11th guest appearance by new-RYLer Mike Fornatale on the Three Chord Monte show, and based on the e-mail we have been receieving here, it looks like it went over really well!

For those of you who missed it, you can still catch it at:
WFMU.Org The song is called "Lonely" and it is played during the last half-hour of the show

Keep sending in your reviews of it, we love hearing your reaction!


The RYL Documentary makes a great gift this holiday season!

Get those "difficult to buy for" music lovers on your list something that they probably don't already have.

You can buy it either at:
The Official RYL Store or

Let us know how you like it!

Also, we are about to put out a small CD run of the original 6 songs recorded by Richard and the Young Lions. It won't be ready in time to setup the site and receive it by Christmas, but we expect (hope) it will be ready shortly afterwards. Keep watching this space for more info as it becomes available.


RYL gets a visit from 3 members of the Max Weinberg 7 (aka the band on Conan O'Brien's show!)

Mark Pender, Richie 'La Bamba' Rosenberg, & Jerry Vivino were there to add an incredible horn section to the RYL song "Once Upon Your Smile" which is the final touch on the upcoming RYL Cd.

Check out the pictures here

Calling all people who have seen and liked the RYL documentary DVD!!

If you liked the documentary, please rate it at either or at Thanks a bunch!


Only 2 months later - Photos of the Underground Garage Fest

I've been meaning to do something better on the site with this, but I keep getting distracted with other things... So in order to get it out while it is less than a year old, here it is:

Other Sites with Little Steven's Garage Festival Pix!

Kitty Kowalski's photo page.
Check out Kitty's band's page at

mindlessphotos photo page

Star File Photos

I will be adding more in one place as time goes on.. E-mail me at with your links



Out of Our Dens: The RYL Story will be screening tonight at 8:30pm on Friday Oct 1st at the
2004 Hope & Dreams Film Fest!

See for more info

Today's Daily Record - Morris County edition has an article on the festival where webmaster James was interviewed.
check it out : Daily Record article also in our Press section

Hope to see you there!


RYL is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!
(Well sorta)

Just received a postcard from Terry Stewart - President of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (aka the "RockHall") who just watched Out of Our Dens: The RYL Story that I had sent him.. He wrote that he liked it and that the DVD is now in their archives!

There's probably a ton of stuff like this in their archives, but its still pretty cool to be in there! By the way, check out the RockHall, it really is a cool place to go - It's worth the trip to Cleveland!


Weekend Updates

Twig & Mike Fornatale made a special appearance at a Muck and the Mires show in NYC this weekend. Pictures available here

Also, Speaking of Mike Fornatale, he now has his own picture page .

Also added - a Rick Robinson picture page


Richard & the Young Lions Documentary News

Out of Our Dens: The RYL Story has been accepted as a finalist in the
2004 Hope & Dreams Film Fest!

It will be screening at 8:30pm on Friday Oct 1st in Hope, NJ.
It may not be Cannes or Sundance, but its off to a good start!!

Also in the news, if you're skittish about ordering the documentary on this site, it is now available on It's a tad more expensive than getting it here, but there is more overhead there... But --- It's another option if you're cautious (Altho Paypal is one of the most secure servers)

If you have seen the documentary and would like to review it, you can do so on the Amazon site! Please be kind... :)


Lots of Updates today!!!!

The first two batches of Little Steven's Garage Festival are now up!

Page 1 is everything Richard and the Young Lions related.

Page 2 is not so much directly Richard and the Young Lions related, but there are some great shots of the bands, celebrities and Go-Go girls that were at the show!

Thanx to RYL Photographers Alexandra, Linda B, Webmaster James, and Shelly Riff for all the great pictures from the day!!!!

The Richard Tepp Video Tribute (originally slated to be played at the festival) is now available on: Richard's Tribute Page

Also, the RYL article from the NJ Star Ledger of January 8th 2004 is now up in Press


Little Steven's Garage Fest aftermath!

Hey Everyone, I know you are looking for pictures of Saturdays show... We have em... Boy, do we have pictures - over 200 of them at last count!!
Which is a great thing to have, BUT that means a lot of work getting them ready for public display on the website.. So they will be up soon so keep checking back..

The band had a great time at the show, and really appreciate all the support and nice words and e-mails that we received regarding it! You gotta hand it to Little Steven, he sure knows how to throw a party!!

Heres two articles from the Star Ledger about Saturday's show..

Monday's paper.

Sunday's paper - mentions RYL!.


RYL in the Star Ledger today!

If you pick up todays NJ newspaper "The Star Ledger" and go directly to the Spotlight section (entertainment), you will find a huge article on Richard and the Young Lions... Covering their past, their present and future goals...We may be a little biased here, but its a really good article!!!

If you dont live anywhere near New Jersey, you can read the article here... Altho with the online version, you wont be able to see the great pictures that accompany the paper version..

Also dont forget about next weeks Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival at Randall's Island!! Tickets still available here. More info at



Richard & the Young Lions will be appearing at
Little Steven's International Underground Garage fest

Performance time to be announced soon

RYL are proud to be appearing with such Legendary Garage greats as the Chocolate Watch Band, The Electric Prunes, THE Pretty Things, and the New York Dolls. The Band will be performing some of their classic garage hits and new material from our forthcoming album...

Tickets Available at

More info at


The pictures from the July 8th 2004 premiere of "Out Of Our Dens: The Richard and the Young Lions Story are now up at here

If you have any pictures from that night that you would like to share, please e-mail em to!


Hey everyone,

We finally have the Documentary DVD available for purchase!

You can get info about it and purchase it here

On another note, we premiered the documentary On Thursday night at the Pioneer Theatre in NYC and it was a "roaring" success! For those that were there, thanks for being there and sharing in our special day! Soon, there will be a page of pictures and stories from last night! You can also buy one of the limited amount of documentary premiere posters here as well

Also, the Richard Remembrance page has been moved here


Today, we are sad to announce the passing of Howard "Richard" Tepp - lead singer for Richard and the Young Lions...

It is a huge loss for us here... We have lost a good friend, a bandmate, and one of the gentlest souls that you could know... We will miss him tremendously.

We would also like to extend our condolences to his family...

If you wish to attend the services on Saturday June 19th between 6pm and 9pm, they are at:

Aston-Basagic Funeral Home
Route 23A Main St
Hunter, NY

In lieu of flowers, the family has set up a college trust fund for his son Casey at Key Bank

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please contact:

Key Bank
PO Box 897
Tannersville, NY 12485

A remembrance page has been set up here.


The RYL Documentary DVD will be available on July 9!

After two years of work, we finally have a finished product called:
"Out of Our Dens - The Richard and the Young Lions Story"

Read more about it here


Attention all RYL (and Garage Music) Fans...

XM satellite radio show "Dave the Rave's Relic and Rarities" show has been cancelled... This is one of the few places that you can hear Richard and the Young Lions on the air and should be saved! Help keep it on the air!!

Details how can be found at


Heres a few RYL updates...
Look for news on the upcoming new RYL cd in the next few weeks! Things are wrapping up in the mixing section and everything should be ready pretty soon! We'd like to thank our fans for their patience and we promise all of our fans around the world.....The wait will be worth it!!!

Also, the RYL documentary is DONE! It was just sent out for duplication this week and should be avalaible for purchase in late June or July! Keep watching this space for more detailed info on it!

You can always see the trailer here


Added pic of Fred from RYL and John Mayall to the RYL Celebrity Sightings


Lots of news today!

First off, the long awaited *new* Richard and the Young Lions CD is almost ready! The songs have all been recorded and should be available soon! No date is available yet, but keep checking back for more info.

In the same vein, the RYL documentary is also done and in the final stages of getting it ready for production! Look for it to be released at the same time as the new CD! Keep checking back for more info!

But, wait --- There's more!!

RYL went to the Beatles 40th Anniversary Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC and there are pictures in the RYL Pictures section. Friends of the band such as Steven Van Zandt and Pat St. John were there as well!


Pat St. John to Interview Bob Seger on historic Broadcast/Web Chat

With a new album and an impending induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bob Seger will participate in a rare radio interview and on-line web chat hosted by RYL Friend Pat St. John. This historic program will be broadcast live from Detroit's WDTW-FM on February 2 at 9:30PM Eastern Time, with Pat flying in from New York to host.


There's a new Little Steven's Underground Radio file up in SVZ Sounds - Steven predicts that 2004 will be the year of Richard and the Young Lions!


One more RYL friend joins Satellite Radio!!!!!


Steven Van Zandt to Join Sirius Programming Team
Tuesday, January 6, 2004 8:38 AM - PR Newswire

LAS VEGAS, and NEW YORK, Jan 06, 2004
PRNewswire-FirstCall via Comtex/

Celebrated musician, actor, and syndicated radio producer Steven Van Zandt has joined the SIRIUS Satellite Radio programming staff as Creative Advisor. Van Zandt will create and program "Underground Garage," an exclusive, fulltime stream for SIRIUS that will debut later this year. He will also produce and host other SIRIUS shows and serve as advisor on select other SIRIUS streams.


Another RYL mention on another major station - Q104.3 FM!

For those that don't know it, RYL friend and fan Pat St. John has joined Q104.3 in New York City for Saturday mornings 6-10AM... Q104.3 also airs Little Steven's "Underground Garage" Show on Sunday nights.

Pat was filling in on last Sunday, and while plugging Little Steven's show, he let Steven know in no uncertain terms that RYL is his favorite garage band!

Heres the link to Pat St John's Sound Page


RYL Friend Dave the Rave has a new website

Check out to read about Dave
Click here to hear an archive of his XM shows - including his first show (11/22/2003) where he played RYL's "Open Up Your Door" as his opening song - the first time the band got nationwide exposure!!



There is a change of time for Dave the Rave's XM show tonight!

His show will be on at 6pm EST NOT 9pm as originally announced...

Also, I just spoke to Dave, and the very first song he will be playing is (drum roll please) "OPEN UP YOUR DOOR" by Richard and the Young Lions!!!!!


Its Satellite Radio and RYL friends time here in the newsroom!!!!

Two of our very good friends have recently gotten jobs with the two satellite radio providers Sirius & XM radio

Dave the Rave will be debuting his weekly Relics & Rarities radio show on XM radio's 60's Channel (Channel 6) starting Saturday, Nov 22, 2003 at 9pm EST..

Rumor has it that there will be a RYL apperance on the show and the first song Dave will play will be OPEN UP YOUR DOOR!!!

Pat St. John is already broadcasting 7 days a week on Sirius's "The Rock" (Stream 15) between Noon and 6pm EST.. He is also a regular voice on a few other streams on Sirius.

Congrats to both these great RYL friends and supporters!!

If you have either XM or Sirius, we here at RYL strongly suggest you listen to these shows!! If you dont have XM or Sirius, check it out - its the future of radio!!!


Just added in RYL's Pat St. John Sound Page!!!

RYL fan and good friend Pat St John interviewed Richard for the's broadcast accompanying Detroit's famed Woodward Ave Dream Cruise.

Hear Richard talk about the bands greatest show (so far) and what the band is currently doing.. Then hear the original version of "Open Up Your Door" and the Beatles "No Reply" followed by Pat talking some more about the band, the website, and lots more!

Its a must hear for fans of the band!!


In response to popular demand, the RYL Documentary trailer has been converted to RealPlayer format that is probably already installed on many of your computers! Go to the Documentary News Page. for more info..



The trailer for the Richard and the Young Lions Documentary is now ready for downloading... Find out all about it here.


Added pics to the RYL Celebrity Sightings page

--- Louie V with Guitar Legend Johnny Winter.

--- Louie V with blues great John Hammond.

--- RYL meets Shawn Phillips.
- well-known singer/songwriter who taught sitar to George Harrison and 12-string guitar techniques guitar to Joni Mitchell and co-wrote Sunshine Superman with Donovan


There's a new Little Steven's Underground Radio file up in SVZ Sounds that has Steven talking about the upcoming CD!!


Good news for fingers tired of typing!!!!

Now you only have to type to get here. will continue to be available


Added a new photo page - RYL Celebrity Sightings

See pictures of RYL with Steven VanZandt, Pat St. John, Keith Richards, Ray Manzarek, Michael Strahan and more!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Many changes to the site tonight!

-- Added a "See all RYL news" link at bottom of the Home page news listing.

-- Added more pictures to the other band members Picture pages, as well as to the group shots.

Changed the guitar on the Splash Page

Enjoy! If you find any problems, e-mail James the webmaster here


All of us here at would like to wish all of our fans a healthy holiday season, and best wishes for the new year!


Big things are coming for RYL!

We've almost finished the cd and hope to have it available in Early 2003... AND we have just taped a tv/radio commercial and that should be airing soon...

We cant tell you any more than that, but keep watching this space for more info!


Just added in Sounds:

RYL Friend and Super-DJ Pat St John's mentions Richard & the Young Lions on brand new Long Island Radio station WLIE 540

Check it out and in addition you'll hear one of the absolutely coolest DJ jingles of all time as well (involving none other than Aerosmith)!


Just added in Sounds:

DJ extraordinaire Pat St John's talk-up of Richard and the Young Lions on Keener13's "WKNR Radio for a Day".. If you missed hearing the show, you missed a great show - What radio should sound like!

Keep checking to see if they will re-broadcast all or part of the show.

Thanks Pat!!



Attention RYL & 60's Detroit garage fans!!!!

On Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17, the classic sounds of WKNR will again emanate from 1310 Khz across metro Detroit. In celebration of the Woodward Dream Cruise, Clear Channel Communication's Fox Sports Radio WXDX, and present a weekend of vintage Keener 13, featuring your favorite Keener announcers, classic Keener commercials and the great Keener music that made WKNR the toast of Detroit in the mid 1960s.

DJ extraordinaire and RYL friend Pat St. John will be on the air between Noon and 2pm on Saturday the 17th! It will be rebroadcast between 7pm and 9pm as well.. Look for some great Detroit rock as well as some good RYL music!

The full 15 hour broadcast should be simulcast on the Internet, but specifics will be listed later in the week...

Check out for up to the minute info!!


---Pat Saint John's show has been re-scheduled between Noon & 2pm and 7pm-9pm rebroadcast!
---Check out Program Highlights to see the schedule!


If you would like to be notified about RYL happenings such as the status of the new CD's and upcoming shows, please join our Mailing List by sending an e-mail to


How does Little Steven define garage music? Click here

You will hear yet another mention of Richard and the Young Lions on Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio Show


We just added a very cool clip of Pat St.John introducing "Open Up Your Door" back in September 1969 on Radio Station CKLW

Check it out here.


Just added the mention of Pat St. John's meeting with RYL last week on WCBS-FM radio in New York

Check it out here.


RYL's studio is now open and radio legend Pat St. John was there!

Full speed ahead on finishing the long-awaited RYL CD ready!

Check out the pictures here.


New sound clip added from Little Steven's radio show!

Check it out in Sounds

Little Stevens Underground Garage Radio Show is doing great and talking about Richard and the Young Lions!!!

Hear some of the talk in Sounds

Added a bunch of Shelly Riff Pictures. Some are from Little Stevens Premiere party.


Note: James (RYL's webmaster) has changed his website and e-mail address


same as before, but now theres a dash(-) between Lantern and Media..

Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio Show is set to debut on Sunday April 7th 2002.... RYL will be listening to it on Q104.3 in New York City.. But it will be on over 20 stations nation-wide, so you can probably catch it wherever you are!!

Check out more info and the radio stations where you can hear the show at Little

The RYL Documentary is in the news!!! Check out the March 2002 Lance Monthly.

Theres also news in there about Steven Van Zandts new garage radio show!!

If anyone has any video of the early days of Richard and the Young Lions that you want to share with the world, please contact Richard or James (RYL's webmaster)..

Thanx a bunch!

RYL members went to the Bottom Line in NYC to meet Ray Manzarek of the Doors

Check out Pictures to see the images!

Also just added Louies radio interview with Dave the Rave in Sounds!

Even more Pictures added to the Studio Sessions!

Also added mp3s of acoustic set of WYNU interview - Check out Sounds!

Richard and the Young Lions have just spent the day in the studio cranking out songs for their new CD. Check out Studio Sessions to see pictures from this historic day!

I know it's taken over 3 decades, but we're going into the studio again starting January 13th. We hope to have something that will excite you as well as us....As soon as it's done, we'll make it available to you....Also, we'll be playing live again soon, so check back for the dates.....Remember, It's always been Rock & Roll: Richard

RYL would like to extend our deepest condolences to all victims of the recent cowardly terrorist attacks and their families and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Went live with the new version of Please bear with us as we find and fix all glitches associated with going live..Please e-mail us at James (RYL's webmaster) if you find any errors..

Thank you

"We just want to say what a great time we had Thursday Night at The Village Underground....Once again, Renegade Nation Productions (Little Steven) and CAVESTOMP (Jon) put on a great show. We were happy to be part of it....From start to finish the great music kept coming! So, we were pretty "fired up" when it was our turn....We want to thank all the people who received us so well...We hope to be playing again soon and will post it here when we find out more. Right now recording is next for us...Thanks again to everyone involved: RYL"

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March 31st was a great night for rock & roll. The first ever UNDERGROUND GARAGE SATURDAY NIGHT was a SMASH hit......It was great to see ? and the Mysterians again. The last time we played with them was at Cobo Hall in Detroit, in 1966. And congrats to The Greenhornes for a great set.....Also, I really enjoyed seeing Dave Aguilar (of Chocolate Watchband fame) do a few with The Young Lions. Not only was he great, but he gave me a chance to catch my breath......The place was rockin' from start to finish. The only bummer was that so many people couldn't get in cause they didn't get their tickets in time......We want to thank everyone who gave us such a great reception. It's really a feeling hard to describe, but one that we'll always remember...We want to thank: Little Steven for Renegade Nation Productions, and Jon Weiss @ Cavestomp. What a great job.... Also a "special" thanks to Lenny Kaye......I'm sure I'm forgetting to thank someone so forgive me....…